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Center Innovation Fund: JPL CIF

Ultra High-Speed Imaging

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Project Description

Ultra High-Speed Imaging

Goal 1: Discrete diodes - State-of-the-art: P-type dopant (boron) creates >500nm dead layer near surface; Pixels sensitive to X-rays above ~1KeV; Superlattice doping Superlattice < 5nm thick, enables nearly 100% charge collection efficiency; Pixels sensitive to entire X-ray spectrum. Goal 2: Hybridized CMOS Imagers - State-of-the-art: Sandia is developing ultrahigh speed detectors using DBI bonding for back-illumination Superlattice doping; Integrate JPL's superlattice doping processes with Sandia's DBI-bonded imaging arrays. Demonstrate stable surface passivation with improved sensitivity to low energy X-rays and electron.

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