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Developing Cryogenic Heat Exchangers for Selective Cabin Air Separation

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Developing Cryogenic Heat Exchangers for Selective Cabin Air Separation
Two HEXs will be designed that will interface with in-house Stirling cryo coolers: the residual H2O/VOC cold trap, and the CO2 deposition chamber. We’ll calculate surface area requirements for the subscale system using flow rates and cooling power, generate multiple CAD designs, and thermally model select ones to confirm performance of the design. Successful designs will be 3D printed in Cu and installed in the subscale cryo CO2 removal system. Performance and power savings will be compared to determine the most efficient prototypes. Next steps include incorporation of deep space passive thermal radiators to further reduce power. Proposal of full-scale CO2 removal ground system testing and eventually flight test system, as well as submission of technical papers, patent applications, and collaboration with industry partners that perform selective air separation processes. More »

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