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Center Innovation Fund: GSFC CIF

Quantum Dot Spectrometer

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

Quantum Dot Spectrometer
The main objectives of this CIF are to develop a novel, ultra-compact instrument concept using QDS, qualify QDS through thermal vacuum and vibration tests, and then demonstrate a 20x20 array prototype between the range of 480 to 680 nm. However, the wavelength range can be expanded with more pixels, or a completely different range within 300 to 3000 nm can be achieved by selecting an appropriate set of QDs and detector. The end product of this task will be a preliminary prototype QDS integrated with a detector array, and spectral images produced by the system. As a follow-on effort the PI and team intend to apply to the Advanced Component Technologies program in 2017 to complete the proof-of-concept of the technology and reach a TRL of 3. After that, the team will apply to the Instrument Incubator Program to develop a breadboard and test it in relevant environment, reaching a TRL of 5. At that point, the QDS instrument will be ready to be proposed to Earth Science mission opportunities. More »

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