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Mission-Enabling Photovoltaic Flexible Blanket Solar Array with SNC/SJ Surface Mount Technology, Phase I

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Project Introduction

Deployable Space Systems, Inc. (DSS) in collaboration with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has developed a modular multi-junction photovoltaic flexible blanket technology that uses innovative Surface Mount Technology (SMT) photovoltaic SPM's that enable/enhance the ability to provide ultra-low cost, low mass, modularity, and reliable operation for high power arrays to support solar future NASA Human Exploration and Space Science missions. The proposed multi-junction flexible blanket assembly with the innovative SNC SMT SPM technology, when coupled to an optimized structural platform (such as DSS's ROSA / IMBA solar array, and/or other optimized flexible blanket solar array structures) will produce revolutionary array-system-level performance in terms of high specific power, lightweight, rapid assembly and re-configurability, compact stowage volume, reliability, unparalleled modularity, adaptability, affordability, high voltage operability, adaptability to all flexible solar arrays, and rapid commercial infusion. Once successfully validated through the proposed Phase 1 and Phase 2 programs, the innovative lightweight and modular multi-junction flexible blanket technology will provide incredible performance improvements over current state-of-the-art, and will be mission-enabling for future NASA and non-NASA applications. More »

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