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Flexible High-Efficiency Solar Panels for SmallSats and CubeSats, Phase I

Active Technology Project

Project Introduction

MicroLink proposes to develop and test, a new type of photovoltaic module that will be suitable for use in SmallSat and CubeSat platforms requiring maximum power in a highly stowable format. MicroLink proposes to assemble and test a completed series array of five 20 cm2 cells that will output in excess of 3.5 W while demonstrating a pathway for producing significantly larger arrays capable of outputting powers in excess of 100 W. The typical areal weight of conventional Ge-based space cells with a 5 mil thick rigid coverglass exceeds 1,000 g/m2. MicroLink's proposed flexible photovoltaic module with ultra-thin ELO solar cells and flexible coverglass material will not only be flexible and comparable in efficiency to Ge-based cells but also have an areal mass of less than 400 g/m2. This represents greater than a 60% reduction in weight which is of particular importance for SmallSat and CubeSat applications. More »

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