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Foldable Compactly Stowable Extremely High Power Solar Array System, Phase I

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Project Introduction

Deployable Space Systems, Inc. (DSS) has developed a high performance solar array system that has game-changing performance metrics in terms of ultra-compact stowage volume and extremely high specific power. The embodiment is a tensioned membrane blanket solar array that stows very compactly by folding, where it's total stowed height is only half the width of the deployed array, alleviating any stowed height restrictions and allowing for the packaging of enormous solar arrays within standard launch vehicle fairings. This innovation of extremely compact stowed packaging allows for much higher power to be packaged into a given stowed envelope, enabling significantly higher powered NASA/Non-NASA missions, and particularly enabling missions where stowed volumes are significantly constrained. The technology is also well suited for very large (extremely high power) SEP and non-SEP solar array systems where stowed packaging the greatest amount of power within a given enveloped is demanded. The proposed solar array technology innovation is reliable and leverages proven heritage components, materials, and approaches to provide very low risk implementation for the end-user. The proposed technology will produce revolutionary array-system-level performance in terms of ultra-compact stowage volume, high specific power, lightweight, reliability, modularity, adaptability, and affordability. The proposed technology also has many rapid commercial infusion paths to help maximize NASA's ROI. More »

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