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Heliophysics Technology and Instrument Development for Science

High Angular Resolution Low Energy Neutral Imager (LENI)

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High Angular Resolution Low Energy Neutral Imager (LENI)
Low Energy Neutral Imager (LENI) Technical Objective: Demonstrate high-angular (2) resolution, high-sensitivity (±10-3 cm2 sr/pixel) ENA imaging in the 0.5 - 20 keV range as called for by the Heliophysics Decadal Survey by utilizing ultra-thin foils, 2D collimation, and a novel electron optical design. Supporting the Following Scientific Objectives for Future Missions Heliospheric Science Objective: Understand the spatial and temporal structure of the heliospheric boundary through high-temporal and high-angular resolution imaging over the 0.5 - 20 keV energy range (LENI addresses the more difficult, lower end of that range). Magnetospheric Science Objective: Understand how magnetospheric ions precipitate into and interact with the upper atmosphere by determining the angular and spatial distribution of backscattered energetic neutral atoms (ENAs). More »

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