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Human Research Program

Countermeasure for Managing Interpersonal Conflicts in Space: A Continuation Study

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

At this point, we have accomplished the aim of developing an interactive media program to assist long-duration space crews to manage specific, ongoing conflicts that are substantially interfering with work or well-being. The aim of collecting preliminary data about the program's efficacy and usability has also been completed. This program rounds out the Virtual Space Station suite of clinically validated interactive media programs to assist astronauts to manage the psychosocial challenges of long-duration missions. The Virtual Space Station was designed specifically for astronauts to provide tools that can be used autonomously to prevent, detect, assess, and manage psychosocial wellbeing and maintain optimal performance. The Virtual Space Station is the product of 12 years of research to develop and clinically validate programs customized for astronauts to manage depression, chronic stress, and interpersonal conflict. The Virtual Space Station portal, itself, was validated in a study of its usability, acceptability, and credibility to astronauts, at NASA-Johnson Space Center. A poster presentation that was made during the current project summarizes this astronaut data. More »

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