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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

A Multi-Scale, Multidisciplinary, System Approach to Radiation Effects Mitigation to Benefit Human and Robotic Missions

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Radiation Mitigation Sys of Sys

Without adequate risk mitigation techniques, the effects of radiation on long duration human missions beyond Low Earth Orbit may result in significantly deteriorated flight system and/or human performance, or catastrophic loss of crew and/or mission.  Current approaches to radiation risk reduction are fractionated across robotic and human research and development contributors, and may lead to suboptimal and untimely solutions. The effort will help bridge robotic and human mitigation approaches and establish systematic, multidisciplinary, and multi-scale radiation risk mitigation solutions.

Crossing different NASA centers, and government and non-government institutions, the effort will establish a collaboratory that will use new and transformative techniques to survey, interpret, and map recognized knowledge gaps and state of the art analytical tools, proposed solution strategies, and breakthrough integrated system solution strategies over several domains and scales to provide assistance with achieving systematic, multidisciplinary, cohesive, and credible radiation risk mitigation solutions that are beneficial to the success of long-term, deep space, robotic and human missions.

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