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Center Innovation Fund: GSFC CIF

Conformal Nanotube Baffle for a Compact Coronagraph

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Project Description

Conformal Nanotube Baffle for a Compact Coronagraph

This FY14 CIF focused on extending previous efforts with carbon nanotubes by developing a process for growing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on a complex three-dimensional baffle. A catalyst is applied first to help initiate the growth process. This technology can be easily used to suppress stray light in a compact solar coronagraph that can be deployed on a variety of platforms to help predict space weather throughout the heliosphere. Several approaches were explored, including atomic layer deposition (ALD) and other techniques, to create a uniformly thick, growth-promoting catalyst coating. Under this research effort, the team tested the ALD-treated occulter to compare its stray-light performance against a conventionally treated unit.

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