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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

Optimizing Electrodynamics Sensor Properties for High-AO Fluence Environment

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

These are a portion of the sample coupons before exposure testing at NASA Glenn

This project will determine the optimal coating for electric field and Langmuir Probe sensors in an AO-rich environment.  The best combination of work function uniformity, thermal characteristics, and AO robustness will result in improved sensor designs, with higher accuracies and sensitivities, to study the atmospheres of Earth and other planets.

We will develop coating samples.  After coating, each sample will be sectioned into four coupons.  One coupon from each batch will serve as a control, and the other three will be exposed to various AO levels.  The NASA Glenn Atomic Oxygen exposure facility would then be used to expose these samples to fluence levels.

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