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T0081-S Demonstration of Variable Radiator

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

T0081-S Demonstration of Variable Radiator

Program start date is on hold until Space Act Agreement is signed.  Placeholder date of January 2014 is used as placeholder.

This study is a proposal for addressing the need for variable heat rejection technology; in which, building on previous work in reduced gravity two-phase flow and phase separation, it is planned: 1) identify a baseline thermal system design with a variable heat rejection radiator, 2) demonstrate operation of the system in various earth-g conditions, 3) demonstrate microgravity operation of the proposed system, and 4) evaluate the impact to NASA terms of what the impact such a technology can provide. Intended is the utilization of a vortex phase separator developed at Texas A&M University and licensed to Advanced Cooling Technologies. The accumulation function is instrumental in the planned approach in that the study plans to exchange gas in the separator with liquid in the radiator to affect the heat rejection variability.

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