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T0067-S Autolanding for Robotic Precursor Missions

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

T0067-S Autolanding for Robotic Precursor Missions

Program start date is on hold until Space Act Agreement is signed.  Placeholder date of January 2014 is used as placeholder.

This study is a proposal to mature the Autolanding System (AAS), a complete system for GPS-denied navigation, achieving higher precision, lower cost, and easier mission integration than any government or commercial alternative, from TRL 4 to 6 and evaluates performance through a series of tests on an sRLV. The technology will be demonstrated by autonomously landing a Masten Xaero propulsive lander within a 100m radius while sensing, mapping, and avoiding hazards of 25cm and greater. Trajectories to be flown match the terminal phase of planetary landings, which is necessary for validating hazard detection/avoidance and trajectory planning approaches.

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