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T0030-P Microgravity Health Care

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

T0030-P Microgravity Health Care

Program start date is on hold until Space Act Agreement is signed.  Placeholder date of January 2014 is used as placeholder.

Numerous long duration International Space Station crewmembers have developed visual changes and symptoms consistent with an increase in pressure around the brain; in which, the cause of these changes is not known, and efforts to develop techniques to measure the pressure in the eye and brain would provide an important tool to monitor crew health. Accordingly, this study proposes to investigate 3 fully developed prototype devices in a microgravity environment to assess the usability, functionality, and human factors modifications required to allow these devices to be integrated into ISS medical care. These experiments will allow thoughtful selection of the next generation of medical devices for eye and neurologic care to be rapidly transitioned to spaceflight.

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