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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

Visible Blind SiC Array with Low Noise Readout

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Project Description

Visible Blind 1X16 SiC Array with Low Noise Readout

We have designed and fabricated a Focal Plane Array (FPA) and low noise preamp board.  We wish to complete the development of the SiC array test assembly and perform full radiometric characterization including Quantum Efficiency (QE) and signal-to-noise performance in the spectral region VUV to 385 nm.    


To date, we have (i) designed and fabricated both common cathode and common anode SiC detector arrays; (ii) designed and fabricated the detector packaging (FPA), and (iii) simulated, designed and fabricated a low-noise, compact pre-amplifier board. The FPA is mounted in the middle of the preamp board, to form the SiC array test assembly. The project will integrate the SiC array assembly and optimize it for noise performance.  We will then construct a UV test setup capable of going from VUV to 385 nm spectral wavelength region, to characterize the SiC array.  The characterization will include dark current, noise, relative response and QE. The data analysis results will be the final end product.

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