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Microchannel Thermo Catalytic Ignition for Advanced Mono- and Bipropellants, Phase I

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Microchannel Thermo Catalytic Ignition for Advanced Mono- and Bipropellants, Phase I
Small and micro-spacecrafts require the efficient, micro-propulsion systems. Chemical micro-propulsion is best suited for use as primary thrust, orbital insertion and attitude control because of its high energy density. When grouped into arrays for larger thrust applications, micro-propulsion devices provide high propulsive flexibility or can be used as igniters. The proposed effort will focus on thermo-catalytic ignition and combustion of advanced mono- and bi-propellants in micro-channels; and the development of a micro-propulsion device. An innovative near net shape forming technique, in combination with carbon nanotube deposition, will facilitate manufacturing of sub-millimeter diameter micro-channels and tubes with enhanced internal surfaces area for maximum catalytic reaction. The microchannels will provide thermo-catalytic ignition of bi-propellant rockets without needing high voltage igniters and can also provide stable and reliable ignition source for advanced, environmentally friendly, mono-propellants. More »

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