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Real-Time Range Sensing Video Camera for Human/Robot Interfacing, Phase I

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Real-Time Range Sensing Video Camera for Human/Robot Interfacing, Phase I
In comparison to stereovision, it is well known that structured-light illumination has distinct advantages including the use of only one camera, being significantly less sensitive to background clutter, and not requiring the target object to have nonambiguous features. But because structured-light illumination requires a scanning process, it is inappropriate for humancomputer interfacing where the movements/gestures of a human subject are of interest. We propose the innovative process of composite pattern design as a means of constructing structured-light illumination patterns that measure surface topologies with only a single image and, thereby, are appropriate for recording real-time depth video. By moving the composite pattern into the Near-Infra-Red wavelength light spectrum and coupling with real-time optical processor, we intend to establish feasibility of a real-time, low latency, ambient light resistant, and high accuracy depth video sensor for producing a depth map of a scene applicable to virtual reality interfaces that permit control of robotic systems through human gestures by way of spatial tracking of user appendages in motion absent any wearable transmitters or markers. More »

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