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An Integrated Heavy Fuel Piston Engine Ducted Fan Propulsion Unit for Personal Air Vehicles, Phase I

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An Integrated Heavy Fuel Piston Engine Ducted Fan Propulsion Unit for Personal Air Vehicles, Phase I
The proposed PAVE propulsion system technology demonstration combines an innovative high-speed aero-diesel engine with a novel ducted fan assembly resulting in a low noise/cost and high performance propulsion system. The core engine makes extensive use of a novel self-injection, compression ignition/combustion system capable of high-speed operation on kerosene-based fuels without degradation due to variations in fuel viscosity, lubricity and cetane value. Propulsion system safety is greatly enhanced by inherent single lever control, the employment of high flash point fuel, and the absence of fuel injection system degradation when operating on variable viscosity/lubricity Jet-A fuel having unregulated cetane values. Competing aero-diesel developments are dependant on OEM fuel system manufactures that are not willing to sell their system intended for aviation use due to the low lubricity of Jet fuel and the high product liability of General Aviation industry. On the contrary the preferred self-injection system does not require any specialized equipment to produce and is comparable in cost to a carburetor. The multi-fuel combustion system is controlled by the "Fuel deposit on the wall" method of injection. The controlled combustion is characterized by having modest pressure rise and virtually absent combustion noise thus eliminating the classic "diesel knock" and greatly improving the noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) of the installation. More »

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