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Low Cost/Low Noise Variable Pitch Ducted Fan, Phase I

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Low Cost/Low Noise Variable Pitch Ducted Fan, Phase I
ACI proposes a design for a Propulsor (Low Cost/Low Noise Variable Pitch Ducted Fan) that has wide application in all sectors of Aviation. Propulsor hardware of this low cost design can be integrated with a broad range of aircraft engines (e.g. existing piston engines, automotive derivative piston engines, new design turbine engines) for use in new design aircraft. The proposed Propulsor design will incorporate known acoustic design features that support low noise aircraft operation. These features include the use of duct acoustic liners, attenuating harmonic stator vane and rotor blade configurations, and duct designs that direct/condition the exhaust air stream to minimize noise heard by individuals on the ground during aircraft takeoff, landing, and fly-over. The proposed Propulsor design makes possible the fabrication of low cost and low weight variable pitch fan blades and rotors. The new composite blade/retention design avoids the need for heavy and expensive ball bearings and other complex hub pitch change mechanism components. More »

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