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Advanced Metal Rubber Sensors for Hypersonic Decelerator Entry Systems

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Advanced Metal Rubber Sensors for Hypersonic Decelerator Entry Systems
NanoSonic proposes to design and develop light-weight, low-modulus, and durable Metal Rubber™ sensors for aeroelastic analysis of Hypersonic Decelerator Entry Systems (HDES), which would in effect increase the systems aerodynamic stability by contributing to optimize its design. The in-situ Metal Rubber™ (MR™) strain sensors would be utilized to monitor drag at varying Mach flow regimes (subsonic to hypersonic) by analyzing dynamic pressures, and billowing effects (or similar shape-change / inflation effects) of the inflatable system as it goes through simulated re-entry flow regimes in wind tunnel tests and in-flight. The novel MR™ sensors have proven the ability to monitor aerodynamic events, particularly shear and normal forces, based on their response to applied strain. These previous sensor technological advancements will be modified to develop the proposed sensor system for monitoring dynamic loading of HDES. Because commercial strain gauges are not capable of withstanding such high strain levels, and photogrammetric analysis can be cumbersome and is not possible in all wind tunnel tests or in-flight analyses, MR™ sensors are ideal for the proposed application. Lightweight MR™ sensor appliqu¿s can be attached onto HDES materials, integrated in or under the system coating matrix for in-situ non-invasive and even wireless monitoring. More »

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