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A LIBS System for Lunar Surface Measurements, Phase I

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A LIBS System for Lunar Surface Measurements, Phase I
In response to NASA's solicitation for light-weight and power efficient instruments that enable elemental and/or mineralogy analysis, Q-Peak, together with Firestar Technology and the Colorado School of Mines, proposes to develop a compact, robust and efficient, instrument capable of performing, Laser-Raman Spectroscopy and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). The main advantages in using these techniques for planetary science is the ability to rapidly collect a wealth of chemical information, by simply directing a laser beam on remote targets of interest. As an important component of the Raman/LIBS instrument, Q Peak proposes to develop, build, and test a miniature Q-switched, solid state laser, producing 1-3 mJ, nanosecond-duration pulses at 526 nm wavelength. We will produce a preliminarily design for integrating the laser into a robotic arm. The proposed work will utilize a low-pressure uLIBS investigation facility, and spectrometer and available at the Colorado School of Mines, and a processing algorithm development begun under an ASTID award. We will initiate the design review to integrate the uLIBS system into the CHAMP-SLS microscope, a spaceflight qualifiable microscope with a laser spectroscopy optical path. More »

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