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Life Science Research Sample Transfer Technology for On Orbit Analysis

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Life Science Research Sample Transfer Technology for On Orbit Analysis
Traditionally spaceflight life science experiments require the return of samples to earth for analysis, which is frequently a challenge to the success of investigations. Even with more analytical instruments on ISS, conditions do not facilitate the transfer of liquid samples from experimental devices to analytical devices. In response to the science community's call for on-orbit analyses, Techshot, Inc. proposes to develop an On-orbit Analytical Cassette (OAC) for life and microgravity sciences research, which provides an innovative way to leverage Techshot's ADSEP payload, which is considered by NASA to be part of the existing ISS facilities. The proposed innovation consists of properly contained access ports for the OAC, making it possible to remove a small aliquot of liquid sample from an OAC and transfer it to Techshot's Dynamic Stage for microscopic observations and analysis using the Light Microscopy Module. The OAC is precisely on target to meet NASA's specific objective of (1) providing innovative ways to leverage existing ISS facilities for new scientific payloads, and (2) providing on orbit analysis to enhance capabilities and reduce sample return requirements. Techshot's innovative OAC is destined to improve the throughput of ISS, making it a win-win for both NASA and the science community. More »

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