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Novel Catalysts for Continuous Operation Bosch Reactor, Phase I

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Novel Catalysts for Continuous Operation Bosch Reactor, Phase I
NASA has a need for process technologies that enable life support loop closure for manned exploration missions beyond earth's atmosphere. A critical component in life support loop closure is the removal of carbon dioxide (produced by the crew) from the cabin atmosphere. An attractive approach for removal of carbon dioxide is the Bosch reaction, where carbon dioxide is reacted with hydrogen (produced from water electrolysis) to produce solid elemental carbon and water. However, no technology currently exists for the continuous operation of a Bosch reactor. The process cannot be run in a continuous manner because of degradation of the catalysts, which are required to precipitate carbon at a reasonable rate. In this Phase I SBIR, PH Matter, LLC will develop a catalyst for the continuous formation of carbon in a system fed with carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Researchers will demonstrate continuous operation of the catalyst in Phase II. Based on the catalyst performance, a reactor will be designed to allow continuous carbon formation without the need for regular maintenance. More »

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