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Ionomer-membrane Water Processor System Design and EDU Demonstration, Phase II

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a. Paragon Space Development Corporation¿ (Paragon) proposes to continue our investigation into the use of microporous-ionomer membrane technology to improve the robustness and effectiveness and simplify water recovery processes for space applications. Improved robustness and effectiveness will be evident through (1) reduced loading on the downstream post processor due to the ionomer¿s unique property of selective permeability, (2) near complete removal of water from wastewater, and (3) inclusion of a backup barrier between the retentate and permeate. The technology offers simplification over existing technology through (1) a lower dependency on moving parts, and (2) integrated capture of wastewater solutes for disposal. Phase 1 testing showed that 99% of the contaminants in concentrated pretreated urine ersatz were removed by the proposed technology and virtually complete dewatering of the brine was achieved in a configuration that would appear to be insensitive to gravity and orientation. As the technology is fully developed, it can be inserted into existing and/or developing water recovery system architectures to increase water recovery rates beyond that currently available to date. The application of this technology for spacecraft water reclamation will be referenced as IWP (Ionomer-membrane Water Processor). More »

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