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A Sensor Management Tool for Use with NASA World Wind

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A Sensor Management Tool for Use with NASA World Wind
The number of sensors that are deployed continues to increase for scientific, commercial and intelligence related applications. Quantities of sensor data are increasingly available. NASA and NOAA are generating large quantities of sensor data involving earth, oceans and weather observations. US intelligence and commercial endeavors are also generating vast amounts of sensor data, gathered from sources ranging from satellites to vehicles. Standards have been developed that assist in making the large volume of sensor data usable. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has developed a number of specifications related to Sensor Web Enablement. OGC working groups are not only science-focused; the newest working group that is forming is an Emergency and Disaster Management Discipline Working Group (DWG). Intelligent Automation Inc (IAI) is proposing to support the data access and utilization needs of the individual researcher / scientist and the emergency incident commander through development of the Sensor Management Tool (SMT). SMT is standards-based, open source and will offer configurable views for different categories of users. In the Phase I effort IAI demonstrated feasibility and prototyped the SMT concept; this involved integration of NASA World Wind to extend SMT functionality. 'Lessons learned' provide input into our detailed plan for full-featured SMT development. More »

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