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Radiation Hardened Bolometer Linear Array

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Radiation Hardened Bolometer Linear Array
NASA has developed space-based thermal instrument spectrometers based on thermopile detectors linear arrays that are intrinsically radiation hard. Micro-bolometers are known to offer very high sensitivity due to high thermal isolation and low thermal mass however are at present inferior to thermopiles for space-based spectrometers. In order to achieve high performance in linear array spectrometer applications, bolometers need improvement in three areas: reduced 1/f noise, stable performance over a wide system temperature range, and improved radiation hardness. Black Forest Engineering on Phase I will design bolometer and readout circuitry for linear array spectrometer applications requiring high performance in a radiation environment while also addressing signal stability/calibration and other mission requirements. The predicted performance will be compared to thermopile arrays and recommendations made for a Phase II demonstration in one or more bands of the JEO Thermal Instrument or other NASA spectrometer applications. The bolometer spectrometer architecture will also offer monolithic construction on 200 mm diameter silicon wafers and reduced cross-scan pitch if desired to support higher spatial resolution and wider FOV applications. More »

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