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A Novel Hemispherical and Dynamic Camera for EVAs

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Project Description

A Novel Hemispherical and Dynamic Camera for EVAs
The primary objective of this SBIR project is to develop a novel Hemispherical and Dynamic Camera(HDC), with unprecedented capability of optically unwrapping, thus can obtain directly the high resolution undistorted (unwrapped) 360 hemispherical video or still images without requiring any external computing resources for performing digital unwrapping. This novel technology would lead to ultra-compact, low-power, light weight, and high resolution hemispherical camera for EVAs. The unique Neo360 optics offers advantages over any existing technologies. The HDC camera can: (1) Produce unwrapped hemispherical images optically without using any external computational hardware and software, greatly reducing size, weight and power (SWaP) of the HDC. (2) Capture real-time video of seamless hemispherical surrounding scene using no moving components; (3) Unwrap the hemispherical image optically and the outputs images/video is directly viewable for human interpretation; (4) Preserve image quality via optical unwrapping - no digital re-sampling artifacts that deteriorate image; (5) Acquire hemispherical scene with full pixel resolution of imaging sensor (conventional 360 optics acquires circular images, making 42% active pixels of sensor useless); (6) Eliminate time delay caused by digital processing - Hemispherical video can be transmitted directly; (7) Improve the image transmission efficiency by 70% for EVA video relay. More »

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