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Remote UV Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer

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Remote UV Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer
The goal of this project is to develop, demonstrate, and deliver to NASA an innovative, portable, and power efficient Remote UV Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer (RUVPhaseTM) for the in-situ robotic or manned crew planetary scientific exploration and investigation of surface and subsurface geophysical terrain. The RUVPhaseTM system is based on the integration of ROI's leading technologies: 1) frequency domain fluorescence lifetime-resolved imaging spectroscopy using time gated "phase-locked" detection, 2) steady-state fluorescence miniature spectrometer, and 3) remote fiber optic laser induced UV fluorescence detection. The RUVPhaseTM technology addresses the problem of developing a compact, energy efficient, fast detection, and highly sensitive UV Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer to remotely detect and measure fluorescence signals from geophysical lunar materials such as minerals and organic species that exhibit characteristic fluorescence signatures in the UV-Visible spectrum with relatively low fluorescence quantum efficiencies. The innovativeness of the miniature RUVPhaseTM system will support a large variety of NASA terrestrial and space scientific discovery applications for chemical and biological materials identification and characterization as well as in the commercial market for medical and biological applications, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, environmental science, and defense and homeland security applications. More »

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