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Expandable/Foldable Structures for Habitat

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Expandable/Foldable Structures for Habitat
Folded Structures Company (FSC) has developed an innovative design approach for multi-laminate, primary and secondary structures for planetary habitats that integrates the dynamic deployment means with the static structural design using an advanced mathematical folding theory. The design approach holds the promise of a much simpler expandable structure that is both lightweight and compactable (low delivery volume) and yet capable of extending into an expansive volume. FSC research supports the utilization of a new class of deployable, space-based structures that utilize an advanced folding methodology as the primary engineering and assembly method combined with the use of both single and multi-laminate sheet materials. The proprietary patterning algorithms create tessellations for planar sheets that articulate dynamically on the edges of the tessellation allowing for uniform deployment across the entire sheet. Previous to the development of these algorithms, there was no general system for generating doubly periodic folded structures. Based on results from a previous NASA SBIR project, FSC will apply its proprietary folding techniques and software to the broad topic of expandable habitat structures. The Phase I project has resulted in a design concept for the expandable bladder section of the proposed lunar habitat that also integrates the flooring into a single deployable structure. More »

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