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High Performance Space Pump, Phase I

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High Performance Space Pump, Phase I
PDT is proposing a High Performance Space Pump based upon an innovative design using several technologies. The design will use a two-stage impeller, high temperature motor and a next generation sensor-less motor controller to provide several potential system improvements: •Increased pump delivery pressure (hydraulic HP) would provide greater flow potential and improved heat transfer performance. It also makes possible heat exchanger performance improvements that will allow space and weight reductions that may aid overall vehicle performance. •Improved overall efficiency resulting from the two-stage impeller reduces vehicle power consumption which may aid overall performance/weight/volume. This results in improved energy efficiency for all applications. •Future mission requirements willdrive fluid temperatures above current pump operating limits. The elimination of hall-effect sensors removes the driving consideration for the maximum operating temperature of PDT's current deep-space rated pump designs. •The higher operating temperature capability allows flexibility in placing pump within the fluid loop which may offer packaging benefits at the vehicle level. •Higher pump temperature capability may allow use of alternate coolants at higher radiator operating temperatures. This may provide opportunity to use pumped liquid cooling for high heat flux devices. More »

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