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Development and Flight-Testing of a High-Performance Electric-Pump Fed Launch Vehicle

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Development and Flight-Testing of a High-Performance Electric-Pump Fed Launch Vehicle

Ventions, LLC aims to use of a liquid-bipropellant (LOX / RP-1), electric-pump fed, 2-stage launch vehicle for low-cost and on-demand ground launch of small payloads initially in the 20-40kg size class (and ultimately up to 100kg) to 250-750km low earth orbits.

The launch vehicle will use components matured over 10+ years under DARPA and NASA funded projects, and is realized by a small entrepreneurial team using several key technologies such as regeneratively-cooled, electric-pump fed engines, low-cost and high-performance avionics, lightweight metal tanks, and a host of other custom valves and plumbing components critical for enabling high propellant mass fraction stages at the relevant size class.

Additionally, the effort will leverage significant private capital to supplement NASA funds and complete all elements building up to a flight demonstration, including design, component fabrication / assembly / integration, and finally, stage-level ground testing prior to the orbital launch attempt.

Successful demonstration of the capability is not only expected to accelerate the development of commercial capabilities to enable frequent launch of small spacecraft to LEO at a cost per kilogram of payload much lower than currently available, but will also serve key government / military needs of a variety of NASA and OGA customers including SMDC, NRO, SOCOM, ORS and DARPA.

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