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Technology Maturation and Flight Validation for Air Launched Liquid Rockets

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Technology Maturation and Flight Validation for Air Launched Liquid Rockets

Generation Orbit is partnering with NASA-AFRC to conduct a flight test campaign for GOLauncher 1 (GO1) Inert Test Article (ITA), to include aircraft integration testing and captive carry flight testing.  The GO1 ITA is a mass properties and aerodynamics simulator for the GOLauncher 1 (GO1) rocket vehicle (RV).  The collaboration has enabled a number of key elements of the GOLauncher 1 development program to be completed ahead of schedule and at reduced cost. 
The central objectives of the collaboration include:
• Provide risk reduction, verification and validation platform for suborbital and orbital launch systems (GOLauncher 1 and GOLauncher 2)
• Demonstrate value proposition of air launch, COTS avionics, lean ground ops, and launch processing flow automation and advantages of GOLaunchers for small launchers both technically and economically
• Validate air launch operations including RV to carrier aircraft platform (CAP) integration, spaceport operations, airspace coordination, release maneuvers, and in-flight abort scenarios
• Validate mission-specific analysis process for mission planning, store separation analysis, and operations by applying the process to the GO1 ITA flight test campaign, demonstrating and quantifying cost and schedule savings on a recurring mission basis
Methods and techniques proposed to accomplish the objectives include:
• NASA-developed store separation analysis capability
• NASA-owned and operated Gulfstream-III aircraft for GO1-ITA flight testing
• Build-up flight test methodology including ground integration, captive carry, and release flight testing
Significance of the proposed collaboration includes:
• Resolving significant technical challenges with air launch of liquid rockets including characterization of the captive carry and release environments, as well as verification of air launch operations
• Advancing the initial operational capability of GO1 to 2018
• Improving GO1 business case by reducing the development schedule and recurring cost, in-turn reducing recurring price and improving market capture

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