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A Coupled System for Assessing the Threat of Solar Energetic Particle Events

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A Coupled System for Assessing the Threat of Solar Energetic Particle Events
Solar Particle Events (SPEs) represent a major hazard for extravehicular maneuvers by astronauts in Earth orbit, and for eventual manned interplanetary space travel. We propose to develop a system to aid forecasters in the prediction of such events, and in the identification of ``all clear'' time periods when there is a low probability of such events occurring. The system combines empirical assessments with physics-based models by leveraging three recently developed technologies: a tool for forecasting solar eruptions from line-of-sight magnetograms (University of Alabama at Huntsville), physics-based models of the solar corona and inner heliosphere with embedded solar eruptions (Predictive Science, Inc., or PSI), and empirical/physics-based assessments of energetic particle fluxes using the Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Environment Module (EMMREM, University of New Hampshire). When completed, the proposed SPE Threat Assessment Tool, or STAT, will represent a significant step forward in our ability to assess the possible impact of SPE events. More »

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