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Magnetic and low-dissipation applications of WTe2 at limited dimensions

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Magnetic and low-dissipation applications of WTe2 at limited dimensions
My research on WTe2 at limited dimensions seeks to lay the groundwork for the next generation of magnetic sensors and low-dissipation circuitry. These applications will be developed by exploiting the unique properties of WTe2. Current challenges include the lack of easily scaled synthesis methods and degradation of nanostructures when exposed to air. I will address these problems with novel synthesis procedures that I will characterize by systematic transport and physical measurements. The proposed applications based on WTe2 align with the main goal outlined in NASA Technology Roadmap TA 10: Nanotechnology to "provide an overall reduction in vehicle mass while enhancing efficiency, performance, and safety." This research path can be further focused by major area 10.4, "Sensors Electronics, and Devices." Collaboration with the NASA Visiting Technologist program will allow further investigation into the radiation stability of WTe2 devices. More »

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