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Stakeholder Web-Based Interrogable Federated Toolkit (SWIFT), Phase II

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Project Introduction

There are three innovations in this proposed SWIFT project, all of which were identified during earlier effort. The first innovation involves the development of a web-accessible model invocation engine (the "Web-based" part of SWIFT) which was prototyped earlier, demonstrated to NASA/Ames in December 2016, and will be fully developed in the current proposed projectI. This model invocation engine can be used as a front end to SMART-NAS and can potentially transforms NAS simulations into a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This transformation will make it practical for NAS analyses to be run anywhere, and its design is compatible with the Data Distribution System (DDS) engine inside of SMART-NAS as well as with the Sherlock database system maintained by NASA. The second innovation, which is coupled with the first, is a standard modeling language, which we call the Predictive Query Language, or PQL (the "Interrogable" part of SWIFT). PQL is a powerful language for coordinating model runs across the distributed SMART-NAS environment, or any other model-based infrastructure. The final innovation involves developing applications ("app") that run on both Apple IOS and Google Android smart phones that enable commercial pilots to easily access the status of the NAS (the "Stakeholder" part of SWIFT). This app can access the current state stored in SMART-NAS or any other NAS data repository. More »

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