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Robust Optical Edge for a Starshade Petal, Phase II

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Project Introduction

The proposed Phase II program will refine and mature the design of the optical edge, optical shield and snubber assemblies within a Starshade petal. Prototypes of each sub-assembly will be built and tested after a rigorous trade study. The final sub-assembly designs will be built and integrated to a complete petal assembly that utilizes flight-like materials and fabrication processes. The full petal assembly will be tested to demonstrate survival to launch packaging and temperature extremes. A segment of a petal will be delivered to NASA JPL for thermal distortion and stability tests. More specifically, the optical edge assembly efforts will address the integration of a micro-thin metal alloy to a low CTE composite substrate and the alignment and handling procedures required to accurately position each segment to the petal structure. The optical shield effort will address opacity, thermal expansion, micrometeoroid mitigation and venting. The snubber effort will address preload, alignment and support for the petals in the furled and launch configuration. More »

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