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Modular Ultra-High Power Solar Array Architecture

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Modular Ultra-High Power Solar Array Architecture
Deployable Space Systems (DSS) will focus the proposed Phase 2 SBIR program on the hardware-based development and TRL advance of a highly-modularized and extremely-scalable solar array (Mega-ROSA) that provides immense power level range capability from 100kW to many Megawatts in size. Mega-ROSA will enable extremely high power spacecraft applications, including: Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) spacecraft, SEP space-tug, and large-scale Planetary and Human Exploration missions because of its ground-breaking stowed packaging efficiency, high deployed stiffness / strength, low-cost and straightforward ground test capability. The innovative and synergistic Mega-ROSA solutions, to be validated to a TRL 6 level during the proposed Phase 2 program, will enable future high power missions through low cost (25-50% cost savings depending on PV and blanket technology), high specific power (>200 W/kg to 400 W/kg BOL at the wing level depending on PV and blanket technology), extremely compact stowage volume (>50 kW/m3 for very large arrays), high deployment reliability, platform simplicity (low parts count and reduced potential failure modes), high deployed strength/stiffness (>5X stiffer and stronger than rigid panel arrays of similar sizes), high voltage capability, scalability to ultra-high power (100kW to several Megawatts), and operability in unique environments (high/low illumination, high/low sun intensity and high radiation). More »

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