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GaN MMIC Ka-Band Power Amplifier, Phase I

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Project Introduction

NASA is seeking innovative Advanced RF Platform technologies at the physical level, specifically Ka-Band high efficiency high linearity microwave 10 to 20 Watt solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs), to meet the needs of future space missions utilizing complex modulation for communications and sensor applications. Space missions require the smallest size, lowest power, space qualifiable hardware components leading to the choice of monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology. In Phase I of this SBIR, Custom MMIC Design Services, Inc. (CMDS) will analyze the GaN MMIC technologies from the available domestic foundries (NGST, Qorvo, HRL) and select best GaN HEMT foundry and process technology to achieve Ka-Band high efficiency high linearity microwave 10 to 20 Watt SSPA. CMDS, utilizing the appropriate CAD tools, will thoroughly design and develop the required MMIC PA. We will also prepare all necessary design rule check (DRC) and layout versus schematic (LVS) documentation during Phase I to assure clean layouts ready for fabrication submission to facilitate the first pass of GaN MMIC fabrication on the first day of a follow-on Phase II contract. By being completely ready for submission on the first day of phase II, we assure the time necessary for two complete GaAs MMIC LNA iterations during Phase II. More »

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