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FARADAYIC(R) Electrochemical Peroxide Generation for In-Situ Disinfection, Phase II

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Among the numerous technological advances sought in order to facilitate human space travel, solutions are needed for technology that supports energy-efficient maintenance of closed air, water, and waste systems in microgravity spacecraft habitats, like Mars. In particular, a technique for the in-situ generation of cleaning/sanitizing solutions is needed to reduce the demand of earth based materials like cleaning supplies to meet personal hygiene requirement during space missions. Therefore, In this Phase II SBIR program, Faraday will continue the technology development efforts of the Phase I by: (1) demonstrating the potential of the device design by testing under zero gravity; (2) optimizing the GDE catalytics, structure, and wettability, (3) demonstrating the potential to use onboard ISS water utilities, (4) developing an electrochemical peroxide detector, and (5) designing and building an α-scale reactor to produce 1 L/day of 2 w/w% H2O2. This evaluation will enable TRL enhancement and demonstrate a potential path forward for demonstration. This technology has the potential to be an alternative method for synthesis of commercial hydrogen peroxide or in-situ onsite disinfection of process waste streams and could be an integral part of long term life support on NASA's manned space missions. More »

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