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Polyoxometalate and Zirconium-Phosphate Conversion Coating for Steel Piping

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Polyoxometalate and Zirconium-Phosphate Conversion Coating for Steel Piping
In Sub-topic O3.04, NASA has identified a need for control of material degradation to extend the life and reduce the life-cycle costs of piping systems subject to microbial influenced corrosion in the presence of untreated or brackish water. The corrosion mechanisms of greatest interest are salt and acid attack due to exposure to brackish or untreated waters and bacteria, fungi, and archaea. International Scientific Technologies, Inc., in conjunction with Ferrum College, proposes the development of a protective barrier conversion coating to prevent corrosion cell formation in steel substrates. Phase I Technical Objectives include selection, characterization and fabrication of polyoxometalate building blocks to complement zirconium-phosphate conversion coating, polyoxometalate-zirconium phosphate conversion-coating system design, and measurement and test of individual and layered polyoxometalate conversion coatings for corrosion inhibition efficiency to salt and acid. The anticipated result of the Phase I and Phase II programs is the development of an environmentally friendly corrosion-resistant conversion coating that can be utilized on coated and un-coated ferrous materials. More »

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