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Advanced Athermal Telescopes, Phase I

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

This proposed innovative athermal telescope design uses advanced lightweight and high-stiffness material of Beryllium-Aluminum (Be-38Al). Peregrine's expertise with Be-38Al, Electroless Nickel and Liquid Interfaced Diffusion (LID) Bonding leveraged by Rochester Institute of Technology's experience with Optical Systems for sounding rocket instruments will provide synergy in this visionary development. Be-38Al seamlessly joined through our proficiency in LID Bonding will produce an athermal telescope that can fully operate in any in-situ environment whether in the laboratory or on-orbit while maintaining alignment. This innovative design and application of advanced fabrication processes like LID Bonding will allow athermal telescopes to be aligned at room temperature and then maintain that alignment and performance as they reach low operating temperatures. A "monolithic" metering structure of Beryllium-Aluminum used within an athermal telescope design would give sounding rocket applications and in-situ telescopes for high altitude balloons and space the ability to align telescopes at ambient temperatures and also have those positional alignments maintained through launches and their entire mission life. More »

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