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Swab-to-Sequence: Real-time Data Analysis Platform for the Biomolecule Sequencer

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Swab-to-Sequence: Real-time Data Analysis Platform for the Biomolecule Sequencer
DNA was successfully sequenced on the ISS in 2016, but the DNA sequenced was prepared on the ground. With FY’16 IRAD funds, the same team developed a swab-to-sequencer process for the generation of sequence-ready DNA from environmental samples and demonstrated this process during the NEEMO 21 mission. Additionally, the team has already transitioned key aspects of this process to the ISS as part of the Genes in Space-3 (GiS3) payload. GiS3 has already confirmed the ability to prepare DNA for sequencing in the microgravity environment of space. While these methods continue to be tested on the ISS, a key aspect of this process yet to be developed is a software package to allow for in-flight data analysis. We will leverage software developed for a DOD-funded biosurveillance program and create a customized graphical-user-interface (GUI), offering point-and-click loading of data, parameter adjusting, and launching of analysis with simplistic visualization of results to allow for real-time microbial assessments of the environment. More »

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