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Self-Cleaning Particulate Air Filter

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Self-Cleaning Particulate Air Filter
NASA requires an innovative solution to the serious issue of particulate fouling on air revitalization component surfaces in order to address the potential for catastrophic mission failure from severely compromised air revitalization performance. Additionally, this would not only limit the number of replacement components to be carried on a long term crewed mission, but would also lower launch weight and equivalent system mass. Lynntech proposes to provide proof-of-concept for innovative stimuli-responsive smart coating functionalized particulate air filter surfaces which respond to an applied stimulus by generating a pushing off force to trigger lifting off of adherent particles which are responsible for lowered air flux and reduced airborne contaminant removal efficiency. The aims of the effort involve the preparation and down-selection of suitable self-cleaning particulate air filter surfaces followed by a demonstration of the in-place regeneration of the modified high efficiency particulate air filter surfaces in a simulated flow through air filtration system using standard regolith simulants to mimic airborne dust. The maturation and eventual availability of this reagentless self-cleaning technology will allow NASA to more efficiently close the air revitalization loop and thereby sustain the vision for existing and future manned deep space missions. More »

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