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High Energy Density Lithium Air Batteries for Oxygen Concentrators

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High Energy Density Lithium Air Batteries for Oxygen Concentrators
For NASA's Exploration Medical Capabilities mission, extremely high specific energy power sources, with specific energy over 2000 Wh/kg, are urgently sought after. Such battery can be used to power the mobile oxygen concentrators. Current primary lithium batteries, such as Li/SO2 system, Li/CFx system, and fuel cells, have limited specific energy to around 500 Wh/kg. Lithium air cell has over 11500 Wh/kg theoretical specific energy, so it holds the great potential to realize such challenging goals. However, the state-of-the-art lithium air battery development has encountered several technical difficulties, including air cathode performance, air management and cell packaging prevent Driven by the strong market pull for this technology, Bettergy has conducted preliminary investigation into solutions to those problems. Based on our extensive experience in the field of metal air technology, we have come up with several innovative solutions. Initial results are very promising. With the support of this SBIR program, we will further implement and test our unique concepts in order to realize the full potential of the lithium air system. More »

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