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Multi-Specimen Variable-G Facility for Life and Microgravity Sciences Research

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Multi-Specimen Variable-G Facility for Life and Microgravity Sciences Research
Techshot, Inc. proposes to develop a Multi-specimen Variable-G Facility (MVF) for life and microgravity sciences research. The MVF incorporates a generic multi-specimen sample holder which can be accessed on-orbit, allowing data to be obtained in real-time. Candidate specimens accommodated by the MVF include various cells (e.g. for culturing), aquatics, plants, algae, and invertebrate organisms. More specifically, the generic multi-specimen container can be utilized as a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell culture vessel. It can be used to contain aquatic organisms such as Zebra fish, Medaka, tadpoles, and even developing amphibian eggs. Seedlings, small adult plants (Arabadopsis), and even fern spores could be located within the specimen container. Other possibilities include Algae (Chara), fungi (S. cerevisiae), as well as invertebrate organisms such as C. elegans and Drosophila sp. in very large numbers. MVF's distinct advantage is its capability to provide synchronously controlled 1-G specimens in the same environment as the test specimens. More importantly, the innovative curved-wall sample holders within the MVF provide a constant gravitational force to the samples at all specimen locations. Since the MVF builds upon existing flight-proven technology, the long scientific hardware development cycle will be significantly reduced, translating into higher scientific throughput of ISS. More »

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