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High Strength Structures by Carbon Nanotube Resonant Excitation

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High Strength Structures by Carbon Nanotube Resonant Excitation
The objective of this project is to explore approaches to activate CNTs to draw in molecular species that induce bond formation to bridge the tubes. Besides having very attractive mechanical properties, CNTs also have excellent electrical and thermal properties. These properties lend themselves to coupling with energy sources so it is possible to precisely target site activation on the CNT surface to promote the introduction of molecular species that can form bonds between the tubes which enable load transfer between tubes. By this mechanism, short, discontinuous tubes can function as continuous load carrying members. The set of energetic sources that will be examined include microwaves, inductive heating, resistive heating, infrared, ultrasonic, electromechanical and resonant wavelength laser heating. Deliverables for FY 16 will include survey of the methods listed above, focused on parameters required to couple with CNTs. Computational modeling will be used to guide the prioritization of experimental methods that yield the greatest promise in achieving the objective. of bridging CNT bundles. More »

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