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Printing the Space Future Testing

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Printing the Space Future Testing

Made in Space, Inc. will fly 3D printers on parabolic and sub-orbital research flights to further develop the application of 3D printing technology to micro- and zero-gravity environments. The 3D printing method used on these flights will be Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), a technique that has already undergone limited testing in microgravity conditions, in which a feedstock is melted and extruded in a predefined pattern. These test flights and subsequent evaluation of the constructed materials will enhance the TRL level of in-situ space manufacturing via 3D printing techniques. 

ISS experiment page
Additive Manufacturing For Space overview 

SBIR Phase I (2012)
SBIR Phase II (2013)
STTR Phase I (2014)
SBIR Phase I (2014)

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