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Aerogel-Based Multi-Layer Insulation with Micrometeoroid Protection, Phase I

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Aerogel-Based Multi-Layer Insulation with Micrometeoroid Protection, Phase I
Cryogenic fluid management (CFM) is a critical technical area needed for successful development of Mars architectures. The biggest challenge is the storage of cryogenic propellants for long durations. These propellants have boiling points well below the environmental temperatures of earth orbit or Mars; as such, the tanks must be regularly vented to prevent over pressurization if they are not well insulated. Such venting would cause unacceptable propellant losses for the long-duration missions to Mars. Aspen Aerogels proposes to develop a multifunctional thermal insulation system that offers micrometeoroid orbital debris (MMOD) protection and inherent radiation shielding to meet NASA's CFM needs. Low density and resilient aerogel materials will be developed to provide the needed thermal and MMOD protection for space cryotank applications. The aerogels developed will have inherent radiation shielding components. Development of the proposed novel multifunctional system will provide NASA with a long-term cryogenic fluid management solution for space applications. More »

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