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Radiation Mitigation Methods for Advanced Readout Array

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Radiation Mitigation Methods for Advanced Readout Array
NASA is interested in the development of advanced instruments and instrument components for planetary science missions. Specifically, an area of importance in relation to in situ sensors and sensor systems is instrument deployment on a variety of space platforms, which include orbiters, flyby spacecraft, landers, rovers, balloon, other aerial vehicles, subsurface penetrators, and impactors. These instrumentation and space platforms are to be used in the exploration of inner and outer planets and their moons, comets, asteroids, etc. As a direct consequence, the instrumentation systems are subjected to space and planetary environmental extremes including temperature, pressure, radiation, and impact stresses during operation. In particular, NASA is soliciting instrument development that provides advancements in several specific areas. One of these areas is "Radiation mitigation strategies, radiation tolerant detectors, and readout electronics components for candidate instruments for the Europa-Jupiter System Mission (EJSM)". We intend to answer NASA's need for a suitable radiation resistant ROIC technology for future planetary science missions through the integration of advanced radiation hardening technologies incorporating radiation hardening by design (RHBD) technologies, as well as the use of an advanced multi-gate integrated circuit technologies. Additional focus will be on the reduction of cost, size, weight, and power. More »

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