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Flight Deck I-Glasses

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Flight Deck I-Glasses
Flight Deck i-Glasses is a color, stereoscopic 3-D display mounted on consumer style eye glass frames that will enhance operator performance and multi-modal interface research for NextGen operators. This innovative project will prove that Microvision's new Pico Display Engine and new waveguide optic technologies mounted on commercial eyeglass frames will create a novel visual interface system where users can toggle information between left- or right-eye and view information in either a bi-ocular or 3-D stereo mode as required. Leveraging the state of the art monocular goggle display, Microvision will identify commercial eye frames engineering requirements to determine size, weight and center-of-gravity constraints and then research what optics, electronics, mechanical and system interface alternatives exist. Alternate designs of Pico Display Engine and electronic modules will be investigated. A simplified optical relay approach and waveguide optical concepts design will be researched. At the conclusion of Phase 1, Microvision will report the scientific and technical feasibility findings and will provide bench-top demonstration of candidate Phase 2 waveguide optics technologies. Finally, needed research/research and development tasks required to build a Phase 2 prototype will be identified. More »

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